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These are my occasional musings, ramblings, observations, grumblings, or judgements. I’m happily married, mom to four very different cats, living somewhere in TX, probably wishing the weather is calmer than it currently happens to be. I love to read, write, and knit. I also happen to enjoy computer games and comics.  I have multiple health issues that are chronic and will never go away – migraines, allergies, fibromyalgia. That means I have a mix of good days, great days, bad days, and down right shitty days. 

I happen to be fascinated by many things related to society and wish I could work in field to help the local community because the government has forgotten it’s supposed to provide a safety net for all.

I enjoy writing a lot. I’ve participated in and won NaNoWriMo twice so far. We won’t talk about the results of the first attempt but I’m hoping I can turn the second attempt into something worth reading.

I’m currently exploring freelance writing as a way to make money on my own terms and my own schedule.

I’m on Twitter and Ravelry too.


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