My Federal Student Loan Debt

I have two college degrees. I’m not a doctor. I have degrees in social science. Sociology to be exact. I’d love to work in a nonprofit job and help out in my local community. Turns out it’s near impossible to find a job (in North Texas) in nonprofit with little to no experience. I work in a glorified tech support job (at a very good technology company) so that I could HAVE A JOB AND GET MONEY TO PAY MY STUDENT LOANS.

I’ve been employed full time for like three and a half months. It’s lovely to have income from a full time job (again). Other than the fact that my job is way below my potential, it’s a decent job. It’s a good company, I just feel like I have to prove myself daily to get anywhere….and I already know I can do better. Ever feel like you’re proving something you already know? Anyways, my job is not a career. The company I’m working for could be a career – depending. But that’s a nebulous cloud of uncertainty! My job is not in my field and not for someone with a bachelor’s and a master’s.

I wonder how many people like me there are just in my state, this region, or this country. Two college degrees. I think that makes me underemployed.

Because I tried to better myself, didn’t have parents to milk for money, and did normal things like get married, but abnormal things like not have a child (or three), I have an exorbitant amount of student loan debt. I’m smart, but not smart enough to get awesome scholastic scholarships. I returned to college as an adult so I wasn’t eligible for scholarships for high school students. My husband has a ridiculously large amount of credit card debt. Thank the gods he only has a small amount of student loan debt. A laughable amount – in that it’s under 10k. We have a mortgage – but I count myself lucky that we have a mortgage.

My student loans are over twenty percent of my gross monthly income. Over $600.00 month. More than a car payment on a nice car. Almost half our mortgage (in a state with high property taxes). Enough money for groceries for a month for my husband and I – at nice grocery stores where I can find food that is safe for me to eat (due to my food allergies). 

Further, because I work more than minimum wage and I’m above the poverty line – I cannot apply for a deferment to cover my student loans (any of them). Therefore, that means the government things I will magically be able to pay my student loans after the balance has increased because of thousands and thousands of dollars of capitalized interest. The federal government really does hate the middle class – especially if you happen to be educated. Obviously, I should budget my year based on how the federal government budgets my life. See how long I still have money for food….


Bettering myself puts me in debt. I feel lucky I have debt related to property. I consider a debt under $10k to be small. This literally makes me physically sick.




2 thoughts on “My Federal Student Loan Debt

  1. Hard to feel sorry for you when you went into debt, twice, while taking majors that are low paying and hard to find jobs. Seemed silly when you think about it. Get a second job and just pay them off and learn from your mistakes. Please don’t wish it on the rest of the taxpayers who paid their colleges off, without rich parents, and chose a profession that actually had work. I worked two jobs all through school. Paid cash, had no life. It was not easy but I did it, so can you.

  2. tessa – good of you to automatically assume I wanted someone to feel sorry for me. Good of you to automatically assume I wasn’t planning on paying off my debt. I started off by saying I stopped school so I had money to pay my debt.

    You’re familiar with different regions of our rather large country having different job markets then? You’re familiar with the concept of people being able to pick their education, yes?

    I’m sure you can imagine for a moment that different people have different life situations, right? It’s amazing that some random person can read words written by a stranger and automatically assume the worse – in their mind anyways.

    Thanks for visiting, so good to see you missed the point.

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