Cell phone + mp3player + electronic dictionary

Those are three pieces of mobile electronic devices I need/want.

My oldish Samsung mp3 player got dropped and the battery shows from behind the speaker. My Blackjack (first gen!) is soon eligible for upgrade. I’ve discovered I want an electronic dictionary for school. Money is an issue.

Cell phone requirements:

1. left hand friendly touch screen

2. decent to good web browsing

3. some customization – my own ‘home screen’ picture and my own ring tones

4. GOOD battery life – my blackjack can go 2 days without a charge, definitely charge it if I spent a lot of the day texting (and I have unlimited texting plan)

5. things I don’t need – cell phone is not for work so I don’t have requirements like a good exchange server platform for emails

6. reliably able to check GMAIL

7. not too heavy. the htc fuze is a smidge on the heavy side

8. have at&t. want to keep family plan.

9. almost forgot. qwerty keyboard. I’m not sure a physical keyboard is necessary.

mp3 player requirements:

1. ogg support – in some way

2. 8 GB minimum

3. the less proprietary the better

4. no stupid software

5. battery life!

6. easy to carry in my pocket/similar

electronic dictionary:

1. more is better, need like college level

2. don’t need translator

All that being said…

Will an iphone (which I’m not sure I want) fulfill all my requirements and save me money?

One thought on “Cell phone + mp3player + electronic dictionary

  1. I have an iPhone and love it. That said, however, i would say it fails when it comes to battery life. I am using it alot, though, for Twitter, email checking, FaceBook, calls, games, and more. I keep my charging cable with me at all times and have an adapter in my car so I can charge it a work, in the car, and at home.
    As far as cost, i don’t really know as I didn’t have any email, texting or web service with my previous phone. My actual phone is a refurb 3G and was only $99 thru ATT. Seems to work just as well as a brand new one. And when my contract is up, I will probably upgrade to another refurb iPhone.
    And they do have multiple dictionary apps to choose from. Go to the iTunes and you can browse what’s available.
    Anyway, hope this helps. You can always contact me if you have questions you think I can answer.

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