Computer pictures

Recently upgraded my old tired RMA’d so probably refurb’d Logitech G15 to a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard. The G15 is great. However I wanted a new keyboard that was preferably a little smaller. I’ve also discovered I like keyboards that resemble laptops more lately… The Illuminated Keyboard is slimmer like a laptop.

Also found pictures of the open case when my gigabyte board was brand new. I figured a G15 was a decent comparison point for the Illuminated.

vertical profile of logitech keyboards

logitech keyboards second view

Gigabyte GA-E{45-UD3R with 4 gig ddr2 ram and an EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT inside an ANTEC nine hundred. The nine hundred is ugly, but it’s lovely for cooling. I forget what the CPU cooler is right now. Can obviously see it’s not stock. Power supply.

gigabyte board in asus case_mine

close up gigabyte board in asus case

**I labeled the case as an ASUS initially (and in the pictures) for some unknown idiot reason. The case is an Antec Nine Hundred. Antec.


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